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Halal Certificate


Companies seeking certification must complete an application itemising all products, ingredients and suppliers etc.

Please download appropriate PDF form (requires Adobe Reader: Click Here).

Print, complete and return form to:

Islamic Cultural Center

Horsebakken 2
2400 Copenhagen NV
Telephone: +45 26 99 97 93
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you require assistance or have any questions, the ICCOS staff will be glad to help you. Please contact the ICCOS Head office.


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Halal butchers and supervisors Form   Audit of Halal processing Form

Checklist Package for Halal



Halal Certificate A Halal Certificate issued by the ICC under the Halal Certificate and Halal When exhibited in any place of business.

The Halal Certificate shall mean that the food in relation to which the certificate is referring:

  • a - neither is nor consists of or contains any part or matter of an animal that a Muslim is prohibited by Hukum Sharia’ to consume or that has not been slaughtered n accordance with Hukum Sharia:
  • b - does not contain anything that is considered to be impure in accordance with Hukum Sharia:
  • c - has been prepared using an instrument that is free from anything which is considered to be impure in accordance with Hukum Sharia: and
  • d - has not in the course of preparation or storage, been in contact with or close proximity to any food that fails to satisfy paragraph (a), (b) or (c) and anything that is considered to be impure in accordance with Hukum Sharia’.

HALAL AUDIT Pre Audit Inspection

Inspection of Plant / Premises

Once the application is received and scrutinized iccos shall depute 2 member audit team(one shariah auditor and one technical auditor) as per mutual convenience to visit and inspect the plant/factory/premises of the applicant.

The inspection process covers the following items:

  • Documentation
  • Processing, handling and product distribution
  • Storage, display and product serving
  • Cleanliness, sanitary and food safety
  • The overall aspects of the premises
  • Tools, apparatus and machines
  • Packaging and labeling

Inspection Report and Halal Documentation:

Report will be prepared after inspection and it will be signed by both the parties. File will be maintained at the plant with copies of documents furnished, correspondence with iccos and other related documents. The file will be titled 'Halal File'.

Audit Expenses:

The applicant shall bear the actual cost of audit by 2 persons including: Re imbursement of actual Air fare economy class/Train ACII/Local transport by Taxi plus lodging & boarding in reasonable hotel plus food & refreshment during travel. Audit fee of DK.   per unit per day.

Halal Certificate

Halal Registration Certificate

If the inspection report verifies the applicant as Halal eligible iccos shall issue Halal Registration Certificate valid for one year. The applicant has to display this certificate at his premises to signify eligibility for Shariah Halal compliance. But this certificate is not proof of any specific product being Halal. For this purpose the Registered applicant shall obtain Halal certificate for specified product/brand in specified no. lot, qty or production cycle after satisfying specified Halal norms and paying the requisite fee.

Halal Certificate for each Consignment

Once a company is registered for Halal process can apply for issue of Halal Certificate on the basis of individual consignment, invoice or periodic lot. It can also apply for printing of Halal logo on its products. The Halal certificates are issued on standards formats, signed by authorized signatory only and imprinted with distinct seal and logo of the islamic cultural center Trust. The Trust charges nominal fee for issue of Halal certificate and printing of logo as given in the schedule of fee and service charges

Companies Certified By ICC - HALAL   |   شركات الذبح الحلال التي يشرف عليها المركز