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Shaikh Abu Suhaib


Tid. 13.30

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful. It refers to the things, actions and processes permitted by Islamic Sharia law without punishment imposed on the doer. It is usually used to describe something that a Muslim is permitted to eat but it has much deeper meaning. Muslims pay big attention to the food because in the Holy Quran it has been stressed heavily on consumption of food which fulfills certain criteria eligible to be Halal.

Halal Certification is recognition that the products so certified are permissible under Islamic law. These products are thus edible, drinkable or usable for Muslims. Certification is a recognition that the producer appreciates traditions and religious feelings of the consumer and the plant works according to the Global Halal Standards.
Advantages of products certification under the «Halal» brand.

ICCOS Halal System

  1. Scope

This standard prescribes practical guidelines on halal food manufacturing (from the step of raw material till the last), preparation, handling, screening, packaging, labeling, management, transportation, distribution, storage, service including food components, processing aids and manufacturing process based on Islamic law.

The requirements stated in this standard are rules which aim to be applied to all organizations of halal food manufacturing chain regardless size and complexity as well as any organization directly concerns with food manufacturing chain one step or more.

The standard practical guidelines for all organizations are under the rules of halal food accreditation.

Regarding the fact that harmful food is not considered as halal food so the standard features food safety with traceability (as evidence for claiming damages) are also comprised in this standard properly .


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Halal Certification Procrdure


Therefore modern Halal Industry can be divided into several types and directions: -Agriculture -Beverages -Food additives -Halal packaging and Machinery - Health and Medicine -Muslim clothing and Accessories -Halal beauty and Personal care -Islamic investment, banking and insurance -Halal Food -Muslim traveling -Shipping and Logistics -Art and Entertainment
Companies Certified By ICC - HALAL   |   شركات الذبح الحلال التي يشرف عليها المركز